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Bricker Village is proud to be the home of the historic Brickerville House with history that dates back to the late 1700s. More detailed history of this beautiful old building can be found here.

We can’t be sure if George Washington ever ate, drank or slept there but it’s a sure bet that Peter Grubb, Baron Von Stiegel and other early American patriots did!


Two miles west on Rt. 322 is the Hopewell Forge mansion built by Peter Grubb, the original iron master of the colonies.

Several more miles west on Rt. 32 is Cornwall Furnace where the same Peter Grubb established the original ore mines in the states.

Seven miles east on Rt. 322 is the Ephrata Cloister. Many wounded soldiers from the Continental Army were nursed back to health there after the battle of Brandywine.

One mile north on Rt. 501 is the Elizabeth Furnace where Baron Von Stiegel was ironmaster until he decided to venture into glass making. He then moves his operations to Manheim.

Five miles south on Rt. 501 is the quaint and beautiful historical town of Lititz. The Moravian religion and church still predominates today.

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